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These are some of the trades, gifts, and commissions that I've gotten from some pretty freaking awesome people.

A Trio by OfBugs Happ b-day! by Corpse-boy Alis/Mattie by Corpse-boy

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Hey, looks like your lost. You can't be here because you want to! Perhaps you were just spamming the Random Deviant button, hoping to run into something cool and you ended up stumbling here and sticking around for a bit. If you're here on purpose, thanks I suppose? I'm glad to know some people have low enough standards to enjoy my stuff!

Don't be afraid to approach me for things, whether it's for commissions, questions, or just for a casual little chat! I've been told I'm friendly enough for polite company.

Sorry not sorry, the new DA Update SUCKS.

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 15, 2014, 6:08 PM

   There's really no other way to put this, the new DA update is just absolutely terrible in my opinion. Looks like I'm not the only one that feels this way either. True, with any update you're going to have some grumbles about how people liked the old version and that new layouts and feature placements have them all mixed up, but this just isn't it. I'm talking about the new Watch Feed feature that is not only redundant seeing as we already have one method of being updated when anything is uploaded, but it's just so clogged up and is just not okay. It looks like a cheap amalgamation of Facebook and Tumblr that DA slapped on to itself to try to be an art site and a social networking site all in one.

   I have a lot of problems with the Watch Feed feature, if you couldn't already tell. I'm just going to list the two main problems that completely turn me off from it, instead of bitching over "it just looks bad it's redundant wah" because hey, I've already said that.

    The first major issue with the Watch Feed feature is that when you get new updates from a Group that you're watching, it doesn't come in a neat little bundle. Nope, it's all of those things posted at once, which then you'd have to scroll past. Now, if you're watching a few groups that don't post more than two to three pieces of art at a time, your feed will stay nice and tidy, but if you're part of much larger groups, where people are posting to multiple times a get lost. Suddenly, your index or middle finger is aching, crying for a break because you've been scrolling for so long just to get through one patch of deviations the entire time. Then, repeat if you're watching more groups like that. It's a huge mess that's just a waste of time and space.

    Now, here comes a part of the Watch Feed that really gets to me. It's something that I can almost see helping people, but it can also hurt at the same time. What really gets to me is when your favorite or put anything in your collection, it shows up on everyone's feed who watches you. It's almost like an automatic art feature every time you favorite a picture. Which in a way is great. It's like with Tumblr and it's reblogging system. You find something you like, and you decide to reblog it so that everyone who is following you can see it and perhaps like it and reblog it as well. Funny thing though, there's also a simple "Like" feature on tumblr, where you can show support, but it doesn't show up on your blog because it's not something you normally have on your blog, or it's something like a closet kink or guilty pleasure that you don't want your watchers knowing about. Which, of course, is totally okay. I don't have the Collections or Favorite Widget on my page for that reason. There are some things and people that I follow that while I like what they post, it's an interest that I'd rather keep to myself. Now, with this wonderful Watch Feed feature, those who use Collections don't really have the luxury to keep these private. For now, it looks like favorites don't show up yet, but who knows maybe they could later. That would make it to where people may have to choose between showing everyone who watches them something they've been keeping to themselves private, or no longer giving favorites to an artist who they were previously supporting. It's a double edged sword that I'm not entirely comfortable with.

    What are your opinions on the new DA update? Is there anything I didn't mention that you don't like about it, or do you feel that something that I said previously is inaccurate regarding the update?

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Commission info and status

I'm going to be adjusting some things soon and making a few things available for commission eventually. If you can't wait for that and really want to commission me for something, go ahead and note me and we can hash out a deal.

Things to do

YCH award for :iconjashjash: - In Progress - Finished! Sssmokin' by BlackSnowWonderland
YCH Slots for :iconthewickedwordsmith: - Part One of Three Finished! Rota (Commission) by BlackSnowWonderland Part Two started! Part Three not started.
$15 Sketch Commission for :icondjmonolith: - Paid,Finished!
Sketch Commission for :iconterminallyapathetic: Paid, not started.

Should I offer pixel portrait commissions styled like this? blacksnowwonderland.deviantart… 

4 deviants said Totally yeah no matter what payment method!
3 deviants said Yeah if you did them for points.
No deviants said Yeah if you did them for cash.
No deviants said Nah nope.



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